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Commercial Bike Rack Systems

On-site commercial bike storage is a high-impact, low-cost way to set your apartment or office building apart in the marketplace and increase the overall value of your project.

In addition to the “behind the walls” products we’ve specialized in for the last twenty years — trash and linen chutes and waste management — we also offer a number of “front of the house” amenities, , such as our commercial bike rack storage systems, that help differentiate your commercial property and attract potential tenants.

Our commercial bike storage options include a full line of bike racks, bike shelters, bike lockers, and accessories from Dero, a company known for their American-made craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and excellent customer service.

Bike Storage That Is Easily Configurable for Any Space

No matter the size or layout of your space, we’ll help configure the most functional commercial bike storage solution to meet the unique demands of your project. Our stylish, functional bike rack designs and rooms make your space unique and personalized. We offer several innovative options to add to your bike storage rooms as well, such as repair stations and air pumps.

We configure and install commercial bike storage racks from Dero, the self-described “Bike Parking Nerds” behind the most innovative, high-quality, and functional bike parking and public bike repair solutions in America.

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Our Popular Bike Storage Solutions

Below are a few of our most popular products, including links to more information.

Hoop Bike Rack

An attractive and functional bike rack. Fits 2 bikes.

Ultra Space Saver Bike Rack

Vertical bike parking that maximizes space efficiency.

Dero Decker Bike Rack

Two-tiered bike parking that requires minimal lifting.

Dero Duplex Bike Rack

Staggered design so bikes enter and exit easily without entanglement.

Fixit Bike Repair Station

All the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance.

Air Kit Public Bike Pump

Robust bike pump featuring waterproof PSI gauge and steel-reinforced air hose.

Vertical commercial bicycle racks help make the most of every square inch.

This diagram illustrates the approximate amount of space used by average-sized bikes in a typical apartment or office building bike storage room. Simply tell us what you’re working with and we’ll draw up a custom plan to meet your specific space and usage requirements. Contact us below to get started!