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Chute Repair & Maintenance Services

Keep your chutes and compactors running safely and efficiently.

We have several fully trained and qualified mechanics to meet all your installation and service needs. These mechanics have a combined total of over 40 years experience, making even the complicated jobs manageable.

Our team of experts makes sure every chute and compactor is safely working properly and up to inspection standards.

Trash & Linen Chute Maintenance & Repair

We offer chute replacement, repair and maintenance by our team of expert professionals. Our chute maintenance prepares for the annual Fire Marshal inspection and its required fixes. Updates and preventative maintenance can be scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis to maintain safety standards.

Trash Compactor Maintenance & Repair

Waste management is one of the most critical systems to keep up and running — and operating safely and efficiently — in any commercial building. We’ll take care of all required maintenance, as well as perform detailed inspections and safety tests.

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